Preparing For Your Initial Dentistry Or Oral Surgery Evaluation

Preparing For Your Initial Dentistry Or Oral Surgery Evaluation

Some patients find the idea of dentistry intimidating or even anxiety-provoking, but knowing what to expect can sometimes put a patient’s worries at ease. If you are able to prepare adequately for the process, beginning with the initial evaluation, you may find that the whole experience is a much more pleasant one.

If you have been referred to an oral surgeon, your first appointment will be a consultation. The oral surgeon will review your diagnosis with you at that time.

A variety of dentistry interventions may be appropriate in your case, and the oral surgeon will discuss all of the possible treatment options with you.

At this first appointment, it will be helpful for you to bring any information about your case with you. This includes any x-rays you may have, as well as your surgical referral slip. You should also bring your insurance information, so that our office staff can determine whether you have any coverage for your treatment.

You should also inform the oral surgeon of any medications you take or of any medical conditions you have that may affect your treatment plan. This can help the oral surgeon determine how to proceed with treatment in a way that will limit the risks to the patient or if another course of treatment may be more appropriate.

If the oral surgeon needs to gather additional information, you may need to have more x-rays taken at the office. Our practice also uses a three-dimensional imaging technique known as cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), which is helpful in planning the treatment for many patients.

In some cases, your surgery may be scheduled for the same day as the consultation. More complex cases will require an initial evaluation with follow-up for the surgical procedure. The surgeon will be able to give you a better idea of the treatment timeline at the first appointment.

Your initial evaluation should be a pain-free experience, and it offers you the opportunity to begin to develop a good relationship with your oral surgeon that can carry over throughout the course of your treatment.

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