Experiencing Tooth Loss? 4 Effects Missing Teeth Can Have on Your Dental Health

Experiencing Tooth Loss? 4 Effects Missing Teeth Can Have on Your Dental Health

dentistry CharlottesvilleLosing teeth is devastating for your emotional wellbeing and your oral health. Oral health structures, when healthy, work together in their various parts to create a harmonious and cohesive system. When one aspect of oral health is affected such as the loss of a tooth, it can throw the rest of the system out of balance. Missing teeth affects dental health profoundly. Fortunately, implant dentistry can remedy many of these issues. Dental implants are a revolutionary tooth replacement method that help support the mouth’s many structures. Following are four effects that losing teeth can have on your dental health.

Additional Tooth Loss

Losing one tooth puts a person at risk for losing more teeth. This is because teeth support one another. If a tooth is missing, the empty space it creates leaves neighboring teeth unsupported. Without proper support, teeth next to empty tooth sockets can collapse into empty spaces with time. After tooth loss, it is very important to find a tooth replacement method like dental implants that keeps biological teeth upright.

Diminished Oral Function

With one or more teeth gone, the rest of the teeth in a person’s mouth will be responsible for taking on the brunt of oral function. Biting and chewing food on a daily basis puts a lot of force and pressure on teeth. When teeth are picking up the slack for one that is missing, they can develop tooth wear much faster than they should.

Bone Atrophy

Bone atrophy is a common side effect of tooth loss. The roots of our teeth are housed in our jawbones. When the bone is not stimulated, the body will resorb it. This is why missing teeth leads to issues with bone health. Fortunately, dental implants will keep bone stimulated because they are embedded in the jaw.

Orofacial Discomfort

Tooth loss affects the way that teeth line up (the occlusion) when making contact during oral function. An unhealthy occlusion contributes to orofacial pain like headaches, TMJ disorder, and facial pain because the joints and muscles are overworked to keep the mouth in a healthier position.

If you have been affected by tooth loss, call us to schedule a dental implant consultation with our oral surgeon.