5 Surprising Habits that Could Damage Your Teeth

5 Surprising Habits that Could Damage Your Teeth

dentistry CharlottesvillePatient education is vital to understanding dentistry and how the oral health system works. Many times common habits that seem harmless are actually damaging to oral health. Following are five ways you might be damaging your teeth.

# 1 Too Much Sugar Consumption

Sugar, of all varieties, is a threat to your oral health. This is because the oral bacteria in your mouth that cause cavities literally feed off sugar particles. It is important to control bacterial growth in your mouth and besides practicing proper oral hygiene, one way to do this is to control your sugar consumption. Avoiding a cookie or slice of cake isn’t enough, either. Sugar can be found in items you least expect such as breath mints, chewing gum, and even cough drops.

#2 Inadequate Water Intake

Water is an important part of keeping your mouth healthy. Those who don’t drink enough water or drink acidic and sugary beverages too frequently can suffer from tooth decay, dry mouth, and an imbalanced pH level in the oral cavity. We encourage drinking at least 64 ounces of water throughout each day.

#3 Vigorous Brushing

Scrubbing harder may get tough stains out of carpet or clothing but this doesn’t ring true for your teeth. Some people believe that if they brush more vigorously, they will clean their teeth more thoroughly. Unfortunately, the habit of vigorous brushing can weaken tooth enamel and inflame your gums. It’s best to brush gently in soft, circular motions for at least two minutes.

#4 Using Your Teeth to Open Bottles and Packages

Do you use your teeth to open bottles or plastic packaging? If you do, you are likely wearing tiny cracks in your tooth enamel, which can ultimately lead to breaking a tooth and the need for restorative dentistry treatments.

#5 Chewing on Things Other than Food

This habit, like using your teeth to open packaging, is incredibly damaging to tooth structure. Chewing on things like pen caps and ice cubes may seem like a benign way to deal with stress but this habit can break down tooth enamel, leaving tooth structure weakened and vulnerable to breakage and decay.

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