4 Fun Teeth Facts

4 Fun Teeth Facts

dentistry CharlottesvilleWe use our teeth everyday for biting and chewing food. Our teeth also aid in the proper enunciation of words. Dentistry is actually a fascinating field of study because oral anatomy is quite unique to other structures in the body. Research has shown that oral health and overall wellness are connected. If you ever wanted to learn more about teeth, here are four fun facts.

Bacteria Cannot Penetrate Healthy Tooth Enamel

Tooth enamel is the mineralized structure on the outside of teeth. When tooth enamel is healthy, cavity-causing bacteria are unable to penetrate through its surface. Unfortunately, tooth enamel can be damaged by wear and tear or disease. When tooth enamel is damaged, teeth are vulnerable to becoming brittle or decayed. This is why preventive dentistry is so important. Regular checkups and cleanings along with preventive treatments can help keep teeth healthy for a lifetime.

Teeth Have Dental Stem Cells

When we listen to the news, there is a lot of coverage on the potential medical applications of stem cells. This is because stem cells can be used to regenerate damaged or diseased tissues in some areas of the body. Stem cells come from various parts of the body including teeth. While it is not discussed as much as other stem cell sources, there is promising research for the application of dental stem cells for a myriad of chronic health conditions and diseases.

Teeth Form Before Birth

Teeth form while a child is in the womb. While infants don’t appear to have teeth, their teeth do exist within the jawbone and gums. As babies grow, their teeth will slowly come through the gums.

Wisdom Teeth are Third Molars

Wisdom teeth are actually a third set of molars but because our second molars last for most of our lives due to widely accessible oral healthcare, wisdom teeth are not necessary. Up until modern human history, people’s second molars were normally lost by the time they were in their early adulthood years. Since wisdom teeth are not necessary, most dental professionals recommend their extraction to prevent oral health problems.

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