The Facts About Gum Disease

The Facts About Gum Disease

dentist CharlottesvilleGum disease is a major threat to your oral health and wellbeing. Many people underestimate how powerful an effect gum (periodontal) disease can have on oral tissue. Periodontal disease is incredibly common and when it advances, it can destroy a person’s health.

Scheduling routine checkups and cleanings with a dentist along with practicing thorough oral hygiene are imperative to preventing this disease. Once periodontal disease advances to its later stages, more specialized treatment from a periodontist or oral surgeon might be necessary.

How Gum Disease Develops

Gum disease begins when the gingiva become inflamed by irritants. The most common irritant is the formation of tartar. Daily plaque deposits harden into to tartar when left unremoved by brushing and flossing. Once exposed to calculus, plaque will harden and accumulate along the gum line. As tartar builds up, the gums will become inflamed and pull away as a result. As the gums recede, tartar will continue to develop along the gums as they progressively become lower.

Eventually, without treatment, the roots of teeth will become exposed and tartar will accumulate along the roots. Heavy tartar accumulation will lead to bone and gums unable to support teeth. With time, advanced gum disease will cause teeth to become loose.

Causes of Gum Disease

Gum disease is most often caused by neglecting one’s oral health by not brushing and flossing on a regular basis. Poor oral hygiene causes plaque accumulation. This will lead to the gums becoming inflamed and infected. Other lifestyle factors and biochemistry changes can lead to the development of gum disease, including smoking cigarettes, hormonal fluctuations, and medication changes.

Treatment Options for Periodontal Disease

There are a few treatment options for the management of periodontal disease including specialized prophylaxis called scaling and root planing, reattaching gum tissue surgically, and tissue grafts. Sometimes patients might need tooth extractions as well.

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