Steps to Prevent Injuries to the Teeth and Gums

Steps to Prevent Injuries to the Teeth and Gums

dentist CharlottesvilleThe oral health system, including your teeth and gums, is precious. We use our teeth every single day. Without our teeth, eating is very difficult. It is important to guard your oral health with a proactive approach to preventing injuries. There are things we can do to reduce damage from life’s unfortunate accidents as well as keep our teeth strong. From receiving regular checkups with your dentist to taking appropriate precautions when it comes to potential accidents, you can lower the risks for causing permanent damage to your teeth and gums.  Following are some easy tips for oral health safety when it comes to dental injuries.

Schedule Regular Checkups and Cleanings

To some, scheduling regular checkups and cleanings might seem like just another to-do on your list. Nevertheless, the truth is that dental checkups and cleanings are very important for protecting your teeth and gums and monitoring your oral health. During checkups, your dentist will look for signs of enamel loss. When our tooth enamel is damaged, it can make our teeth susceptible to cracking and decay because our teeth become brittle. If you have lost tooth enamel, it is wise to receive treatments that will strengthen your teeth or restorations to protect them. You might be encouraged to carefully check your food for hard objects like pits or be advised from eating very tough and chewy foods.

Use Protective Gear During Sports

If you play sports or participate in activities that have a high risk for injury like cycling or horseback riding, you should wear all appropriate protective gear including mouthguards, chinstraps, and helmets. This gear can greatly mitigate the damage caused by facial and head trauma. Be sure to wear this gear whenever you can to protect your face and mouth.

Wear Your Seatbelt and Drive with Caution

It may seem redundant to be told to drive carefully and wear a seatbelt but the truth is that we can never be too careful. Car accidents are a common contributor to facial trauma. We know that wearing a seatbelt, no matter where you are sitting in a vehicle can save your life and your body’s structures.

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