Preventive Dentistry: Your first line of defense for a healthy smile

Preventive Dentistry: Your first line of defense for a healthy smile

In dentistry, you are afforded the unique opportunity for assistance both before and after you experience a problem. Your dentist offers comprehensive diagnostic and preventive care that is designed to protect and preserve your smile throughout your lifetime. Preventive dentistry is your first line if defense for a healthy smile, but there are many instances in which dental disease occurs in spite of our preventive efforts.

Extensive tooth decay, gum disease, and unfortunate accidents can damage your teeth severely or even lead to tooth loss. Fortunately, should you experience tooth loss, your dentist is prepared to direct you towards the oral surgery options that are best for you.

Of course, the most ideal option is to maintain healthy teeth and gums in order to avoid more extensive or complicated treatment, but modern dentistry offers impressive solutions to restore even the most compromised smile.

With dental implants, your natural teeth can be replaced in a manner that closely mimics the characteristics of your natural teeth. From an artificial tooth root to a strong and attractive dental crown, a single tooth can be reconstructed or a full smile can be restored. Dental implants provide millions of patients with the invaluable opportunity to enjoy a complete smile full of permanent teeth once again.

There is also surgical help for bone loss that has occurred as a result of gum disease. Again, your dentist will promote preventive care such as brushing and flossing to preserve the health of the bone, but should gum disease prevail, your oral surgeon offers a number of reconstructive bone grafting options to reverse the damage. Bone grafts may be performed in conjunction with dental implants to create a reinforced foundation for your smile.

The dental team is committed to supporting you in your efforts to preserve a healthy and attractive smile. When unfortunate damage occurs, we are also committed to supporting you in your desire to rebuild and restore your smile. Call Charlottesville Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center to schedule your consultation today.