Negative Effects of Brushing Too Hard

Negative Effects of Brushing Too Hard

Charlottesville dentistWhile brushing your teeth thoroughly is an essential component of a robust oral hygiene routine, it is possible to overdo it. In fact, when you brush your teeth too hard, you may actually end up damaging your teeth and your gums. In some cases, the damage may necessitate treatment from a dentist or a specialist like an oral surgeon.

Overly aggressive brushing techniques can cause premature wear and tear on your teeth, weakening your enamel and making it more susceptible to decay. Your teeth can also become more sensitive as a result. Both of these problems can require costly interventions in their most severe forms.

Brushing too hard can contribute to gum disease, as well. Your gum tissue can become inflamed and damaged, and oral bacteria can then target it. As periodontal disease progresses, the symptoms become more severe, such as tooth and bone loss, which could necessitate oral surgery. Brushing too hard can even cause gum recession, which could require a gum graft to replace the missing tissue.

To avoid such consequences, you should check in with your dentist or hygienist for a refresher on good brushing technique. Review the kind of brush bristles that will best meet your needs and demonstrate your brushing style so that the professional can educate you on any changes that you need to make.

This is also a good opportunity to check in about other aspects of your oral hygiene routine. Are you using the right toothpaste? Flossing thoroughly enough? Would adding an anti-bacterial mouthwash give your regimen a much-needed boost?

Brushing your teeth properly is important to your oral health, but it can be tempting to use too much pressure to remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Have you noticed signs that you may be brushing too hard, like increased tooth sensitivity or symptoms of early stage gum disease? If so, call our team at Charlottesville Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center to see if an exam – and some guidance on brushing – might benefit you!