Gingivitis and Your Overall Health

Gingivitis and Your Overall Health

Charlottesville dentistHas your dentist warned you of the dangers of gum disease? Did you know that up to 80% of the adult population of the United States will develop some form of gum (periodontal) disease in their lifetimes? Gingivitis is the early onset of periodontal disease and if one does not take this diagnosis seriously, a person’s entire wellbeing will be affected as the disease progresses. Moreover, there is a wealth of research devoted to gum disease’s effect on the body as a whole. Much of this research supports the concept of oral systemic health – the notion oral disease affects health as a whole and could even contribute to well-known, serious afflictions.

Oral Systemic Health

The notion that oral health affects overall health is not new. This is a topic that has been researched for quite some time. Fortunately, media discussion of health matters, including this specific concept has increased public awareness on the importance of preventing oral disease – especially very destructive conditions like periodontal disease. Television shows like Dr. Oz and The View have discussed how gum disease contributes to health issues like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Some theories suggest that periodontal disease and heart disease are linked by a specific strain of oral bacteria that attaches to the roots of teeth and fatty deposits of plaque in the arteries when it enters the bloodstream. Diabetes and gum disease appear to be interlinked. For example, those who are diabetic are prone to infection because of impaired immunity. Issues with unregulated blood sugar can produce inflammatory responses, which include increased blood flow to the gingiva. Increased blood flow and inflamed gums are incredibly prone to infection.

Treating Gingivitis

If your dentist has diagnosed you with periodontal disease including gingivitis, you need to take his or her treatment recommendations seriously. Treatment might include increased/improved oral hygiene, prescription mouth rinses, specialized cleaning and reattachment procedures, and grafting treatments. Today’s latest technology makes for less invasive and more effective periodontal therapy.

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