Frequent Headaches: What is the cause?

Frequent Headaches: What is the cause?

When should you be concerned about recurrent headaches? Headaches can stem from tension and stress, extreme concentration, dehydration, sinus pressure, high blood pressure, and more. In fact, most of us experience headaches so frequently that they can begin to feel “normal”.

The truth is that the human body is designed to alert us when there is a problem. It’s up to you, with the help of your healthcare team, to determine the cause of the headaches and seek a solution. By not ignoring and addressing your headaches, you can bring your body back into proper balance and good health.

What you may not realize is that an oral surgeon is a dentist who is an excellent resource in helping to determine the cause and treatment for your headaches. Temporomandibular Disorder (or TMJ dysfunction) is a common cause of frequent headaches and neck aches. The disorder is also related to popping and clicking in the jaw joint, bone loss, damage to the teeth and gums, and clenching and grinding.

Self-diagnosis of TMJ dysfunction can be fairly difficult, since many patients are unaware of the relationship between the jaw joint, the muscles of the head and neck, and the teeth. In addition, many patients are completely unaware of their own night-time clenching or grinding habits. A thorough discussion and examination is necessary to determine if TMJ dysfunction is the cause of your discomfort.

With a proper diagnosis, the condition can be treated by an experienced oral surgeon. Depending upon the extent of the disorder, there are a number of treatment options. Relaxation and other muscle-relaxing techniques may be employed as a conservative solution. A protective mouth guard or night guard may be recommended to protect the teeth and gums from damage. The guard can also be customized to keep the jaw joint and muscles in the most comfortable position in order to relieve stress.

In some instances, oral surgery may be recommended to correct existing damage to the joint or to properly align the teeth and jaw.

If you have been unable to find adequate relief for your frequent headaches, schedule an appointment with your Charlottesville oral surgeon, Dr. Carlos Rafael Ibañez, today.