Dentist Near Charlottesville Offers 3D Imaging Technology For Patient Care

Dentist Near Charlottesville Offers 3D Imaging Technology For Patient Care

In some circumstances, a dentist may need to use imaging to get a view of the facial structures that are obscured by the skin and soft tissues of the mouth. The earliest imaging technology provided only two-dimensional depictions of the jaw and other facial bones, but with certain types of oral surgery and other treatments, such as orthodontics, the detail obtained from those x-rays was rather limited in its usefulness.

Now, the dentist may have access to three-dimensional imaging technology that is a vast improvement over traditional x-rays. State-of-the-art systems like the CS 9300 can capture data that is used to construct a lifelike image of your facial structures can be tremendously valuable in both diagnostics and treatment planning. It can be easier for your dentist to spot a potential issue, like an abscess or a tumor, with a 3D image, which can also provide more realistic guidance on potential treatments.

These dental imaging techniques use cone beam computed tomography, which is based on technology that is similar to that of CT scans taken in medical settings. However, the design of CBCT scanners, which compile multiple cone-shaped slices of an image into a three-dimensional depiction, reduces the patient’s radiation exposure in comparison to traditional CT scans. Furthermore, a CBCT scan can be highly targeted, further limiting radiation exposure.

Many patients also find the CBCT imaging more convenient because the dentist is able to capture a more thorough collection of data in a single session, thus reducing the need for repeat visits for additional imaging. Because their images are so clear, CBCT helps to engage the patient in treatment planning to a greater degree. It is easier for the patient to identify the targeted structures.

Because these images are stored electronically, it is also easy for the dentist to share them with other specialists who may be involved in your care, such as oral surgeons or orthodontists.

Patients can benefit significantly from 3D imaging like that provided by the CS 9300. If you have been diagnosed with a condition that requires surgery or some other complex intervention, talk to our oral surgeon at Charlottesville Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center to see if CBCT may be helpful in your case.