Common Causes and Symptoms of Toothache

Common Causes and Symptoms of Toothache

dentist CharlottesvilleOur body has ways of letting us know when something is wrong. A fever tells us we are fighting an infection. Yellowing of the skin can point to a problem with organ function. The same goes for dental problems as well. When a patient experiences a toothache, it is an indicator that something is wrong. Toothaches normally occur if a tooth is damaged by decay or injury. Unlike other tissues in the body, teeth, if damaged, cannot self-heal. This is why when a toothache strikes, it’s important to see our dentist and oral surgeon for treatment.

What causes a toothache?

Inside the tooth lies a chamber where blood vessels and nerves are housed. This chamber is called a root canal. If a tooth has extensive damage from a deep cavity or has been cracked or fractured, the root canal can be exposed to harmful oral bacteria. When the root canal chamber is exposed, it often becomes infected, which can produce very painful symptoms. An impacted or abscessed tooth can also produce toothaches and varying levels of discomfort.

What does a toothache feel like?

Some patients may experience pain when drinking hot or cold beverages. The affected tooth may also produce pain when chewing food. Sometimes patients may also experience throbbing sensations from time to time.

How is a toothache treated?

The method used to treat an injured or infected tooth largely depends on a patient’s circumstances. Sometimes, a tooth can be saved with endodontic therapy such as root canal treatment, which cleans away the infection inside the tooth and seals the root canal from further exposure to bacteria. In some cases, a patient may require oral surgery to extract a tooth that cannot be saved.

Fortunately, our dentist—a trained oral surgeon—can perform extractions as gently as possible and replace lost teeth with dental implants.

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