Preventing Facial Injuries on the Field and on the Court

Preventing Facial Injuries on the Field and on the Court

dental CharlottesvilleMany sports-related activities can contribute to tooth loss and dental trauma. Did you know that it is possible to prevent facial and oral injuries by taking precautionary measures? You can also mitigate their effects by seeking the appropriate medical or dental treatment in a timely manner. Our dentist is a specialist who provides diagnoses and treatment for a number of oral health conditions and issues. One area of an oral surgeon’s expertise is treating the effects of facial trauma with reconstructive procedures and prosthetics like dental implants. Following is some important information for preventing and responding to oral health emergencies caused by sports.

Invest in Proper Protective Gear

Many sports recommend the use of protective gear. For instance, chin straps and mouth guards are common ways to protect the lower half of the face and the inside of the mouth. Helmets are useful for protecting parts of the face and head as well.  In addition to preventing traumatic injuries, this protective gear could save a person time and money on treatments related to the effects of facial trauma. When it comes to protective gear, it is important to focus on quality and customizability. Not all mouthguards are created equal. For instance, custom mouthguards will fit over the teeth and gums perfectly to minimize the impact blunt force can have on the wellbeing of teeth. Custom mouthguards will also fit properly in the mouth so that soft tissue like the linings of cheeks and lips isn’t affected by ill-fitting oral appliances. If mouthguards are comfortable, a person will likely wear it more often than they would an ill-fitting one.

See a Specialist for Facial Trauma

The face and the oral health system is very complex. When performing treatments that affect hard and soft tissue, oral and maxillofacial surgeons take great care to minimize the impact of treatment on tissue that contains nerve endings or blood vessels. Moreover, this type of oral health care specialist can use techniques to minimize scarring and other signs of trauma.

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