A Healthy Body and Healthy Smile Go Hand in Hand

A Healthy Body and Healthy Smile Go Hand in Hand

If you want to maintain good overall health, you just can’t ignore your dental health. The consequences of not maintaining healthy teeth and gums can result in a number of dental conditions that can lead to a general decline in the quality of your life.

Now, more than ever, studies are indicating that the status of your oral health is a mirror to the status of your general health.  A healthy mouth, free from tooth decay, gum disease, and missing teeth is often a good indication that the rest of the body is relatively healthy as well. That’s why there is such a strong connection between poor oral health and poor overall health.

You can protect the onset of certain health conditions by making sure that your oral health is stable.

When you fail to care for your teeth and gums, your risk for other health problems increases significantly:

•    Oral pain, gum disease, and tooth loss – These dental diseases are the result of chronic inflammation and infection that can cause permanent damage as well as debilitating discomfort.

•    Systemic diseases in the heart and major organs – Infections within the mouth allow high levels of bacteria to be introduced into the bloodstream, triggering harmful, chronic inflammation which is particularly harmful to the heart valves, major organs, and the immune system.

•    Difficulty eating – Tooth loss, tender gums, and dry mouth can make eating especially uncomfortable and it can lead to malnutrition, bowel problems and other digestive complications.

Visiting your dentist regularly can help you to maintain better oral health and correct any conditions of the teeth or gums that could affect your general health. Scheduling an appointment with your oral surgeon to discuss replacing your missing teeth with dental implants is also an important way to enhance your oral health and complete your smile.

To learn more about nurturing the connection between your dental health and your general health, schedule your personalized consultation and evaluation with the office of Dr. Carlos Ibanez today.