Can I replace my dentures with dental implants?

Can I replace my dentures with dental implants?

Most denture wearers have a love-hate relationship with their false teeth. While dentures are an effective way to completely replace all of the upper or lower teeth, they require a great deal of patience. They don’t function as well as natural teeth, sometimes limiting your dietary choices. Without the help of denture glue, they can cause sore spots on the gums as they slip and shift in the mouth. But, you need your teeth every single day for eating and speaking, and therefore the love-hate saga continues.

The clinical success of dental implants over the last three decades has given many patients a new sense of hope when it comes to tooth replacement. Advancing technology has made it possible to replace single or multiple missing teeth with a replica very similar to natural teeth.

Though dental implants could certainly be used to replace each missing tooth and eliminate your existing denture, there are other options. As a more conservative and cost-effective solution, your oral surgeon may elect to use implants to create a more stable and comfortable denture.

A few carefully placed dental implants can create an impressive foundation for your denture. For many patients, as few as four dental implants can be permanently anchored to the underlying jaw bone, serving as a base for an upper or lower denture. The denture may be permanently affixed to the implant foundation or designed to be removable, according to your particular needs.

Whereas traditional dentures typically require a frequent maintenance and adjustments as the jaw bone shrinks or resorbs, the addition of the dental implants virtually eliminates those concerns. The implants help to stimulate the jaw bone and prevent the bone loss that would otherwise lead to the failure of the denture.

For your denture, the implants add much needed stability and support. The quality of your chewing and speaking can be dramatically restored. Most importantly, your previous love-hate relationship can turn into a more satisfying love-love relationship.

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