Are there age requirements for dental implants?

Are there age requirements for dental implants?

There are many appealing qualities that have increased the popularity of the dental implant procedure. In addition to the broad spectrum of possible uses, the implant is an optimal tooth replacement alternative for virtually all healthy adult patients. As long as the jaw bone has stopped growing (typically around the late teen years) age is not considered a limiting factor for an implant candidate.

On the other end of the spectrum, mature patients of any age will be considered as candidates for implant placement as long as there are no underlying medical conditions that would impair the healing process. These risk factors include uncontrolled bleeding or clotting disorders and smoking. Your oral surgeon will conduct a thorough and comprehensive review of your previous dental history and medical history in order to identify any possible risk factors prior to beginning your dental implant journey.

As dental implant success stories continue to come to light, it is easy to understand the reasons why patients of all ages choose this tooth replacement alternative. The implant is so stable and well-integrated that it can stand alone as if it were a natural tooth. The feel and appearance is also as beautiful and as comfortable as a natural tooth. Implants are permanent restorations that do not rely on nearby teeth for support.

With no removable parts, dental implants are ideal for youthful, active adults who would rather not be limited by high maintenance dental work or frequent dental visits. For the more mature patient, implants eliminate the frustration that comes with fitting removable dentures or partials or flossing a permanent bridge. Routine homecare such as brushing and flossing are effortless.

Virtually any healthy adult with one or more missing teeth can appreciate the advantages of the dental implant procedure. Age is not a limiting factor, and dental implant patients can expect to enjoy a secure and hassle-free smile for many years. For dental implants in Charlottesville, reserve an appointment for your consultation today with Dr. Ibañez.