Treatment Options After a Tooth Extraction

Treatment Options After a Tooth Extraction

Patients who are facing a tooth extraction should also be planning to replace that missing tooth afterward. The consequences of failing to replace an extracted tooth are significant. The type of prosthetic you choose is also important. Implant dentistry, which provides a structurally complete restoration, has many advantages over conventional appliances, so patients should consult with an oral surgeon to learn more about this treatment option.

Importance Of Replacing Missing Teeth

After a tooth has been extracted, the patient can experience several negative outcomes if the missing tooth is not replaced. The adjacent teeth will shift out of their proper positions to fill in the empty space. Those teeth may also be subjected to unusual forces as they take on the chewing function of their missing neighbors. Additionally, jawbone tissue will gradually erode after the tooth is extracted.

These are all compelling reasons to add tooth replacement to your treatment plan following extraction. Furthermore, when considering their tooth replacement options, patients should investigate implant dentistry because of the many advantages associated with dental implants.

Value Of a Structurally Complete Tooth Replacement

Dental implants are unique because they consist of a root-like structure in addition to a crown. In contrast, standard dental bridges or dentures lack any sort of physical connection with the underlying jawbone. The root-like structure confers multiple benefits on dental implant patients.

When replacing a single missing tooth, a dental implant can stand alone without support from adjoining teeth. This means that no healthy tooth material needs to be sacrificed to accommodate dental crowns to support a pontic (artificial tooth), which are needed in a fixed dental bridge. The dental implant also stabilizes the jawbone over time and facilitates a more thorough chewing mechanism.

We encourage patients to consider all their treatment options following tooth extraction. This includes dental implants. For more information about this treatment and how it might be beneficial in your case, schedule a consultation with our team at Charlottesville Oral Surgery and Dental Implant Center.


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