How Will Implant Dentistry Benefit Me?

How Will Implant Dentistry Benefit Me?

older woman nice smile implant dentistry conceptWhether you have one absent tooth or an entire row of teeth missing, you can find it hard to be without your full smile. The problem is not just a cosmetic one, as you can have difficulty biting and chewing, and you are also vulnerable to worsening oral health issues. The good news is that the right approach to treatment can help you. At our Charlottesville, VA dentist’s office, we can confirm you are a good candidate for implant dentistry and provide restorative care. This is an approach that keeps prosthetic appliances stable enough to improve your ability to bite and chew with renewed comfort. It will also help you stimulate the surrounding jawbone tissues that previously had support from teeth roots.

Implant Dentistry Can Help With Different Degrees Of Tooth Loss

Implant dentistry helps people affected by different degrees of tooth loss. With one post, we can hold one replacement tooth, while several can hold larger prostheses. You can count on stability from this arrangement because the implant holds your tooth in position. With one, you can keep a crown in place. The placement of several makes securing larger prosthetic appliances possible.

Using A Dental Implant To Replace A Missing Tooth

A single implant post can hold a crown in position and address the gap in your smile. This arrangement does more than just hold your restoration. Its presence keeps neighboring teeth roots stable, and it will also create stimulation in your jawbone to keep the bone from losing density. Placement is carefully planned. During an initial review, we will closely study the area where placement should occur. Locating the right angle and position is important for providing long-term stability. After you heal, you will return to our practice so that your crown can be put in position.

Implants Can Support Larger Restorations

With multiple implants, we can keep a larger prosthetic in position and take on more significant tooth loss. By holding a bridge or denture in position in this way, we can give you back your complete smile in a way that supports your bite function along with your appearance. This also ensures that you have stimulation in your jawbone, which keeps you protected against the resorption of the tissues. Losing density in your jaw leads to esthetic and oral health issues, and it can eventually make bone grafting treatment necessary as part of a plan to fully restore your oral health.

Talk To Your Charlottesville, VA Dentist About The Benefits Of Implant Dentistry

Implant dentistry makes significant smile restorations possible while also addressing the oral health impacts of tooth loss. For more information on the role that treatment can play in improving your appearance and well-being, please contact your Charlottesville, VA dentist’s office today by calling (434) 295-0911.