Anatomy of Teeth and Dental Implants — What You Should Know

Anatomy of Teeth and Dental Implants — What You Should Know

dental implant modelThe Charlottesville Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center, Inc is dedicated to helping patients protect and improve their teeth to restore that smile. We offer general dentistry services, including dental implants, in Charlottesville.  

Our goal is to make your experience at our dental office as expeditious and comfortable as possible. We focus on offering comprehensive evaluation and consultative services. Then, we deliver the best, most comprehensive dental care and service.  

The Tooth and the Gumline 

Your tooth is made up of two major parts, which are positioned relative to the jawbone and gums.  

  • Root: Located beneath the gumline, the root anchors your tooth into your jawbone. When we place implants, the implant post connects into the jawbone like a screw in a way that can be compared to your natural tooth root.  
  • Crown: Located above the gum line, this is the exposed part of the tooth. When we place dental implants, the implant abutment and restoration crown or bridge combine to replace your natural tooth crown.   

Your gums protect your teeth, but gum recession and disease can lead to several issues related to your overall dental health. In some cases, it might lead to required dental implants in Charlottesville.  

Tooth Enamel 

Enamel is the top part of your tooth. It’s the hardest, most durable substance in your body, which is why it also allows you to chew and bit food. Enamel acts to protect the inner layers of your tooth. When your enamel is damaged or missing, you might need dental implants in Charlottesville to replace your tooth.  


Dentin is under the enamel of your teeth. It’s more porous, which means that it’s not as strong as enamel. Without enamel on your teeth, you’ll experience sensitivity.   

The Dental Pulp 

Pulp is the soft tissue, made up of blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerves, located in a chamber within your tooth. When bacteria affects the pulp, you may develop a root canal infection. To get the infection under control, we may have to treat your tooth and remove the pulp.  

In some cases, we may have to replace your tooth with an artificial crown or implant in Charlottesville. We assess your oral health and recommend the best course of action to save your tooth if possible.  

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