Oral Sedation: Your Most Common Questions Answered

Oral sedation is a method to improve patient comfort and relaxation during common procedures performed by an oral surgeon. Also called “sedation dentistry”, oral sedation has applications for patients who have fears or phobias in clinical settings. When patients require time consuming or complex treatment, sedation is also beneficial for helping our team provide precise… Continue reading Oral Sedation: Your Most Common Questions Answered

What are the side effects of oral sedation?

Sedation dentistry is a valuable tool to help anxious patients tolerate various dental treatments, such as oral surgery. The sedatives have a deeply relaxing effect, putting the patient at ease. Generally, sedation dentistry is quite safe. There may be some side effects with sedation, however, so it’s important to discuss these with your oral surgeon.… Continue reading What are the side effects of oral sedation?

When is oral sedation recommended?

Oral sedation can give oral surgery patients a more comfortable experience during their procedures. Patients who are particularly anxious can benefit from this service, as can patients who are facing lengthy, complex treatments. Many oral surgery procedures require some form of sedation, in addition to a local anesthetic, and sedation dentistry offers an alternative to… Continue reading When is oral sedation recommended?

FAQs about Sedation Dentistry

When working with an oral surgeon, many patients choose to take advantage of sedation dentistry for a more comfortable treatment experience. At the same time, those patients often have questions or concerns about sedation dentistry. Here are some of the most common questions about sedation dentistry: Q: How does sedation dentistry work? A: The patient… Continue reading FAQs about Sedation Dentistry

I have a bad gag reflex – can oral sedation help?

Oral sedation has many applications in oral surgery procedures. In fact, dental professionals have used various sedation methods for centuries. This is because sedation promotes patient comfort by relieving panic and worry. Oral sedation may be used for patients with dental phobias, those with strong gag reflexes, or those in need lengthy procedures where stillness… Continue reading I have a bad gag reflex – can oral sedation help?

Sedation Dentistry: Will I feel groggy after my treatment is over?

Many patients choose sedation dentistry when undergoing oral surgery, and for good reason. Sedation dentistry helps improve the patient experience, and for some particularly fearful patients, it’s the primary factor that helps them access much needed treatment. The drugs in sedation dentistry help patients achieve a state of deep relaxation while remaining conscious. One popular… Continue reading Sedation Dentistry: Will I feel groggy after my treatment is over?

Benefits of Oral Sedation

The use of oral sedation during dental procedures, especially oral surgery, can have a tremendous impact on the outcome of the treatment. As an available service for patients, our oral surgeon offers oral sedation in Charlottesville in conjunction with most surgical procedures. Oral sedation is a widely accepted adjunct to surgical treatment for a number… Continue reading Benefits of Oral Sedation

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