How Bone Grafting Supports Implant Placement

How Bone Grafting Supports Implant Placement

smiling seniorWhen patients are approved for prosthodontic work with dental implants, they can look forward to many advantages over other treatment options. A dental implant provides stability for a replacement tooth that mimics the support our natural teeth receive from their roots. When you bite and chew, the implant stimulates the jawbone and keeps it healthy, and its location and position will actually help stabilize neighboring teeth. Unfortunately, not everyone can move straight into plans to receive a dental implant. One concern is that jawbone deterioration after tooth loss has already occurred to the point where the placement process will be difficult. In this situation, our Charlottesville, VA clinic can help you proceed with plans to restore your full smile by providing a bone grafting procedure!

Jawbone Deterioration And Your Smile Restoration Plans

Jawbone deterioration is a natural consequence of tooth loss. When the roots of our lost teeth are not present to stimulate the bone, our body no longer receives the signals required to move nutrients to the area. As a result, resorption occurs. The problems with this go beyond complicating plans to place dental implants. Over time, that deterioration can affect the way you look, and it can create new concerns about your oral health and remaining teeth.

We Perform Bone Grafting Services

Our clinic is ready to help patients who need work done to regain their full smile. One way we can assist is by improving your odds for successful implant placement through jawbone grafting services. By supplementing the tissue in the area, we can strengthen the bone and provide a better chance at osseointegration as you heal from your implant placement.

The procedure and your recovery time will depend on the type of graft you need and the area (or areas) being addressed. We will provide a full breakdown of what you need and what to expect based on the procedure recommended to you.

What To Look Forward To After Your Smile Is Restored

A bone graft can turn a poor candidate for implant placement into someone ready to move forward with plans for full smile restoration. At the appropriate time after your graft, we will plan your implant placement, after which we will give you time to heal and allow the bone to fuse to the implant. The implant will then be restored with a lifelike, custom-made appliance that offers welcome cosmetic and functional benefits.

By replacing lost teeth with implant-held restorations, patients can enjoy greater bite support and comfort from their restorations. This means you enjoy a wider range of foods and feel more at ease as you bite, chew, speak, and laugh around others. The stimulation from implants also helps by stimulating the surrounding jaw tissues and better preserving the density and health of the bone.

Talk To Our Charlottesville, VA, Clinic About Bone Grafting And Its Role In Full Smile Restoration

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