Feeling self-conscious about your smile?

cosmetic dentistry CharlottesvilleWhen your smile is not as attractive as it could be, it can do a serious number on your self-esteem. Fortunately, a number of different cosmetic dentistry procedures can enhance your smile’s appearance.

Issues with the teeth can affect the smile’s aesthetics, especially when a patient has missing teeth. In these cases, dental implants may be an effective cosmetic dentistry intervention.

Dental implants have a life-like structure and appearance, which makes it nearly impossible to identify the implant in contrast to the surrounding biological teeth. These devices, which are titanium posts to which bone can form a bond, can support a crown, bridge or even a full denture.

Although dental implant placement does require a surgical procedure, it’s an outpatient one that is typically completed in just a few hours. In many cases, the patient can be fitted with a temporary prosthetic on the same day that the dental implants as well.

When a patient has already experienced bone loss, however, it can reduce the longevity of the dental implants. An oral surgeon may perform an initial bone graft in these patients to increase the chances of long-term dental implant success.

The teeth aren’t always the sole factor in detracting from the smile. A jaw that doesn’t fit together properly can be problematic as well.

Cosmetic dentistry can provide a solution for these patients as well. An oral surgeon can correct the malocclusion, such as an underbite, overbite or crossbite, or other malformations of the jaw. After the procedure, your jaws will meet normally, and your smile’s appearance will improve significantly.

Tooth extraction is another procedure that can give your smile a boost, although it is often overlooked. When there is severe crowding, it may be necessary to remove a tooth to create enough room to shift the remaining teeth into position.

Patients have many options to upgrade the smile’s appearance. If you are dissatisfied with the way your smile looks, talk to our oral surgeon, Dr. Carlos Ibanez, about cosmetic dentistry treatments that can improve your look.

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